Battlefield Excursions by French Battlefields are intended to provide guidance to locations of events in the Second World War. The locations described can be military engagements, artifacts of particular interest, or historical places of special significance. The chapters follow the design of the Fields of War Visitors Guides providing a background description of events preceding or following the location, then a suggested tour route to observe remaining artifacts, museums, or monuments of the selected action.

Each tour is designed to allow visitors the opportunity to select sites of interest and tour the locale in one day or at most a long weekend - thus the descriptor excursion. Each route is an independent tour but on occasion related tours may be suggested.

As usual, GPS co-ordinates are given for each location. The use of electronic medium for distribution of these locations allows for the inclusion of significant photographic materials to enhance the reader's understanding of the selected site and events. Driving instruction are offered to provide personally chosen roads and street between sites, but computerized navigation systems can facilitate viewing only sites of particular interest.

The Information and Useful Links chapter provides generalized guidelines for touring European battlefields and a directory of icons used on the battlefield maps. The link offer an opportunity to locate military cemeteries and frequently the burials of individual soldiers, sailors, and air personnel.

Appendices offer information on military units and comparisons of ranks; comparisons of commonly used military aircraft and armored equipment are included.

For convenience the tour routes are divided into sectors. New excursions will be added as they are developed so return to this page to see newly described areas.


Second World War Battlefield Excursions North and East of Paris.pdf

New sectors to be added in the future:

Western France


Western Germany


Eastern Germany

Additional Material:

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