Wellington’s Headquarters
The Waterloo Inn used by the Duke of Wellington as his headquarters before and after the Battle of Waterloo is now a museum dedicated to presenting the events of the battle.
Ferme Haie Sainte
The King’s German Legion defended the Ferme de la Haie Sainte from repeated French attack during the Battle of Waterloo. The farm buildings appear today much like they did in 1815.
Waterloo Battlefield
This view of the Waterloo battlefield is from Napoleon’s observation point. The post-engagement memorial Butte du Lion appears in the distance. Ferme de la Haie Sainte is the white structures on the middle right.
Waterloo Caillou Museum
The Ferme de Caillou was used by Napoleon on the night before the battle and is now a museum dedicated to his artifacts.
Waterloo Butte du Lion
The enormous man-made mound was constructed after the battle to commemorate the wounding of the William II of Netherlands, the Prince of Orange, who commander Dutch forces in the battle.
Ligny Church
The Battle of Ligny was the last military victory of Napoleon’s career. It was fought two days before his downfall at Waterloo. The village church and surrounding buildings were the site of vicious house-to-house fighting over control of the strategic village.
Ligny Creek
This shallow, narrow creek was an objective of French troops to control the high ground of Ligny.
Napoleon’s Tomb
The sarcophagus holding the body of Napoleon Bonaparte rests in the Église du Dôme (Dome Church) in the Hôtel des Invalides in Paris.