Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Operation Market Garden Summary
An overview of events leading Montgomery's decision to launch an airborne offensive to by-pass the West Wall into Germany and a description of the major events in the engagement.

Chapter 2. British Guards Armoured Division 
British Armoured units begin the perilous task of penetrating German defenses and linking the water crossings captured by the airborne forces.

Chapter 3. American 101st Airborne Division
The 'Screaming Eagles' capture bridges in Oodenrode and Veghel only to witness the destruction of canal crossings at Son and Best. Fighting continues to defend 'Hell's Highway' fromenemy attacks.

Chapter 4. American 82nd Airborne Division
The 'All American' division easily capture bridges at Grave and Heumen by the four-day battle for bridges over the Waal River in Nijmegen delays the British Armour advance to Arnhem.

Chapter 5. British 43rd Infantry Division
The 'Yellow Devils' fight across 'The Island' to reinforce the trapped British airborne at Arnhem.

Chapter 6. British 1st Airborne Division: The Landings 
The 'Red Devils' land in the fields around Arnhem only to encounter a makeshift German defensive line..

Chapter 7. British 1st Airborne Division: Battle for the Arnhem Bridge
Lieutenan-Colonel John Frost captures and holds the north end of the Arnhem Bridge but becomes surrounded by German armor and eventually is forced to surrender .

Chapter 8. British 1st Airborne Division: Oosterbeek Cauldron
The bulk of the division is surrounded in Oosterbeek and faces days of punishing bombardment. 

Chapter 9. South Bank of the Nederrijn
Allied forces continue the struggle against German incursions on the south bank of the Nederrijn.

Chapter 10. Recriminations
Analysis of the performance of various commanders and the consequences of their decisions.

Separate appendices list postwar careers of the senior commanders, comparisons of American, British, French, and German soldiers' ranks, glossary of German military terms, and order of battle of American, British and German units.