Table of Contents


Chapter 1. The Battle of the Bulge
An overview of events leading up to the German decision to launch a major winter offensive in the west, the German plan, and finally, a description of the major events in the engagement.

Chapter 2. Battle for the Elsenborn Ridge
The German infantry and panzer division attack to establish the northern shoulder of the offensive. Battles for Monschau, Rocherath-Krinkelt and Domaine Butgenbach repulsed.

Chapter 3. Kampfgruppe Peiper
The armored spearhead of the 1st SS Panzer Division enters American rear areas only to be stopped and destroyed near La Gleize.

Chapter 4. Battle for Schnee Eifel, St-Vith, and Vielsalm
Two regiments of the US 106th Infantry Division are surrounded and force to surrender. Delaying actions salvage a US armored division in the crossroads town of St-Vith and airborne troops establish a defensive line along the Salm River.

Chapter 5. Battle of the Rivers
American and German forces face each other in pitched battles between the Salm and Ourthe Rivers and again between the Ourthe and Meuse Rivers. German advanced units are destroyed and Verdennes and Celles.

Chapter 6. Skyline Drive
The German Fifth Panzer Army fights across the Our River border into Luxembourg in its approach towards Bastogne.

Chapter 7. Defense of Bastogne
Armored teams and paratroopers become surrounded in efforts to deny the crossroads town to German armored units.

Chapter 8. Battle of the Sure and Saure Rivers
The third German force attempts to push westward through Luxembourg and American troops sacrifice themselves in delaying actions. The advance is contained and then driven back across the German border.

Separate appendices list locations of all Farthest Advance Stones, Comparisons of American, British, French, and German soldiers' ranks; Unit strength comparisons, description of German military units; glossary of German military terms, and a comparison of American, British and German armored vehicles.