Author's Biography

Robert Mueller

During his long career as an executive with a major international corporation, Robert Mueller developed a love of travel and an enthusiasm for visiting historic locations. He caught the battlefield bug when, as a child, he visited Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Retirement brought him the opportunity to visit and study the battlefields of Europe. After five years of on-site research, he completed Fields of War: Fifty Key Battlefields in France and Belgium, which has received four national book awards including a Bronze Medal from the Military Writers Society of America. His descriptive format and engaging writing style bring the history and significance of battlefield locations to life.

His second book, Fields of War: Battle of Normandy, launches a series of visitors’ guides describing sights and individuals of the Second World War’s European battlefields. This volume presents the Allied assault to liberate France from German occupation starting with the invasion of the Normandy coast to the climactic Battle of the Falaise Pocket and eventual liberation of Paris. The title received seven national book awards.

The recently released The Bulge Battlefields provides a comprehensive guide to the Battle of the Bulge (Ardennes Offensive) - America's largest battle of the Second World War. The text includes 550 GPS coordinated to locate museums, monuments, and all significant battlefield actions.

Robert Mueller holds advanced degrees in physics from the University of Illinois and in business administration from Lake Forest College. He performed his military service in the US Army Signal Corps during the Vietnam era. Mr Mueller is a member of the Midwest Writers Association and the Military Writers Society of America. Born and raised in Chicago, Mr. Mueller and his wife now live in one of its northwest suburbs.