Author's Biography

Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller caught the battlefield bug when, as a child, he visited Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Retirement brought him the opportunity to visit and study the battlefields of Europe.

He has written four visitor guides to the battlefields of Northern Europe under the Fields of War imprint which have garnered eleven national book awards including being honored by the Military Writers Society of America. His descriptive format and engaging writing style bring the history, significance, and people of the battlefield to life. Mr Mueller has also written comprehensive articles for WW II History Magazine and WW II Quarterly.

Mr Mueller’s one-hour-long programs combine period and contemporary photographs with clearly drawn maps to describe the places and the people who dictated the battle’s outcome. He has delivered over 150 presentations across the metropolitan area to wide acclaim. He was selected as one of 2015’s ‘Best of the Best Adult Programs’ by the Library Administrators Conference of Northern Illinois.

Robert Mueller holds advanced degrees in physics from the University of Illinois and in business administration from Lake Forest College. He performed his military service in the US Army Signal Corps during the Vietnam era. Mr Mueller is a member of the Midwest Writers Association, the Chicago Writers Association, and the Military Writers Society of America.