Fields of War guide books are written to locate the numerous military engagements in northern Europe and to bring both the casual tourist and the ardent battlefield enthusiast to sites chosen for their historical significance. The books present the remaining commemorations, battlefield structures, or museums placed in their historical perspective. Each war and each battlefield are described and toured in a simple to follow format which provides the visitor the opportunity to view and understand the location's place in history.

Author Biography

Fields of War:
Battle of Normandy

471 Pages
32 Pages of B&W Photos AND 94 Maps ISBN 978-0-9823677-3-5


American Doughboys
in the First World War

104 full color pages
ISBN 978-0-9823677-7-3


The Bulge Battlefields

496 Pages
16 Pages of B&W Photo AND 88 Maps ISBN 978-0-9823677-5-9


Fields of War:
Fifty Key Battlefields
in France and Belgium

Available as pdf file on CD/ROM only
All 467 Pages of the original printed book
Over 800 photographs AND 65 Maps ISBN 978-0-9823677-1-1


Pearl Harbor

72 Full Color Pages
ISBN 978-0-9823677-6-6


Operation Market Garden:
Airborne Invasion of the Netherlands

360 Pages
32 pages of B&W Photos AND 60 Battlefield Maps
ISBN 978-0-9823677-8-0

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